Use it or Lose It

It may have been a while since my last post but trust me, I have had some adventures. My personal philosophy has always been ‘use it or lose it’. I may move slower, and perhaps not go as far but I keep going. A year ago I was writing about exploring abandoned theme parks,         first-time solo backpacking (notice the bra hanging from the hammock strap),2018-07-10 06.49.11 cutting out sugar (its own adventure to be sure). Since then I have winter camped,2019-01-20 14.36.35 snow-shoed around a NH lake,2019-02-20 12.30.17 built or bought all manner of portable backcountry stoves,

accomplished some outdoor open flame cooking,2018-12-01 15.50.33 kayaked the rivers and ponds nearest to where I live,2018-07-14 12.39.59found new conservation land behind my house to explore and practice bushcraft, harvested a birch burl2019-03-12 14.08.40 and carved my own kuksa (look it up),

and spent the night in a ghost town (more abandoned than ghost).

I only feel in marginally better shape in a year. That’s most likely due to the fact that I’ve gained back some weight, and not adhered to a sugar-free diet. My physical activity, and thereby my strength has increased so I am able to do more. I am very conscious of my diet. I don’t make any processed foods, watch my salt, buy locally-grown produce and meats most of the time. If I could only remain strict with myself on eating the right foods ALL the time. As I get older I know I make more allowances for being laxed in those habits. What the hell, I think, yolo, right? Ok, so I’m still overweight, a year older, but in much better shape than last year. I can now carry a 35lb backpack if the trail is relatively flat.

  This is my typical gear loadout for an overnight. Now onto the next adventour!2019-07-12 10.49.50


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