DIY Wood Stove for Hot Tent Camping

My latest tinkering project. I’m so interested in trying out winter camping this year. I can’t decide if I will sleep in my hammock or a hot tent. I want to try both. Just before our first snowstorm of the season I put up a rough lean-to in the woods behind my backyard. Then I realized I might not be able to keep a fire going in the fire pit without a lot of effort on my part.

I had the majority of the materials necessary on hand. I was planning to use a one-gallon paint can for the barrel stove box. I thought it looked too skimpy. On a completely different trip to Home Depot I saw this adjustable ductwork elbow and it looked to be a perfect size. I don’t think I paid attention to the product description as adjustable. No matter. I fixed that with high temperature cement.

I was very happy with the outcome. The expected snowstorm was reported as growing in intensity. I love snow. I tested it out, and then set it up near my lean-to. It operated very well. I did conclude that the lean-to was just too open to retain and build a heat base. I’m certain this little stove will perform well in a hot tent environment. So now I will work on a tighter, less rough stove, with a flat top for cooking.

Comments and suggestions welcome.