Ponyhenge – the rocking horse graveyard

Dubbed Ponyhenge, and also called the rocking horse graveyard is a fun little piece of New England weirdness in Lincoln, MA. On a tiny country road, driving past houses behind fieldstone fences and open fields and farmland you can do a double take. “Was that what I think it was? A circle of old rocking horses? Arranged like Stonehenge?” The uncongruous setting is worthy of a head snapback. What is it? What does it mean? Is it some kind of public performance art?

Ten years ago, according to the current owners of the property, it started with a lone rocking horse left in an empty field after a Halloween party. It had been part of a headless horseman costume that was cute, no doubt. No one knows who or why additional rocking horses started joining that first one, or if they know they aren’t saying.

At any given time that you visit the site the rocking horses change in number and how they are arranged. They are often decorated during the holidays. On the first day of school in Massachusetts they have been set up in rows like students at their desks. On a Kentucky Derby day one year the were placed at a starting line. As of today there are 42 rocking horses arranged in concentric circles. It is an oddity, curiosity, and mystery to be sure.

The owners have said it’s ok to visit as long as you are respectful. On the morning of my visit several people were out walking in the neighborhood. I was the only one viewing the rocking horses. They nodded hello with a smile. It must tickle them to have this curious site in their neighborhood. It is a quiet and private place so if you do go visit please remember it is not an attraction. It’s on Googlemaps if you want to find it yourself but don’t choose the coordinates for Ponyhenge. That’s a private residence. Search Rocking horse graveyard. If you do visit stop back here with a photo of your trip. It would be fun to see how it changes over time. Happy adventouring!

Some of the horses really had personality so I decided to name them.

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